Wild Turkey Management in Missouri


MDC is in the process of updating the Missouri Wild Turkey Management Plan and is seeking input from the public on the goals and objectives of the revised Plan.

  • Missouri has one of the largest wild turkey populations in the nation & each year over 100,000 hunters pursue wild turkey in Missouri.
  • Wild turkeys were nearly extirpated from Missouri in the early 1900s, but populations currently exist in every county due to decades of targeted restoration efforts.
  • Missouri’s turkey population reached its peak abundance in the early-mid 2000s and is currently experiencing a decline in abundance due to several years of poor production.
  • In restored populations, like Missouri’s wild turkey population, abundance fluctuations of considerable magnitude are normal and can be expected.
  • There have been considerable changes in wild turkey abundance, production, and hunter participation since the previous management plan was written.
  • MDC’s Wild Turkey Management Plan was recently updated to include goals related to population management, habitat management, recreational opportunities, and public engagement to better guide wild turkey management in Missouri.

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Draft Wild Turkey Management Plan (pdf, 331 KB)

Read the draft plan for wild turkey management in Missouri.

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