Proposed Additional Restrictions and Requirements

Before and During the Hunt

Bears eligible for harvest

  • Only single bears

Denned bears

  • Cannot disturb, push, hunt any bear that has taken refuge in a den

Hunter Orange

  • All bear hunters must wear a hunter orange cap or hat and shirt, vest, or coat
  • Camouflage orange not allowed

Hunting Hours:

  • ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset

After a Successful Hunt

  • May not deliberately leave or abandon any portion of a bear that is commonly used as food
  • Hunters must make a reasonable effort to retrieve and tag, but this does not authorize trespass
  • Telecheck requirements
    • All harvested bears must be telechecked by 10 p.m. the day of harvest
    • Harvested bear must remain intact as a field-dressed carcass or quartered until the bear has been telechecked
  • Tooth submission required within 10 days of harvest

Sale of parts and giving away

  • No parts of harvested bears are allowed for sale. Except finished taxidermy
  • Harvested bears (or parts; except for the gall bladder) may be given away by the taker
  • Shall be labeled with the full name and address of the taker, the date taken, and the Telecheck confirmation number

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