Rucker Land Donation

Patricia Meagher Rucker (Trish) has wonderful memories of visiting the family farm near Silvermines in Madison County while growing up. Her grandparents lived on the farm from 1890 to 1944, raising pigs, cattle, chickens—and children. Her grandfather was also the Silvermines postmaster, a position he held for over 44 years. The farm was later owned by her aunt and uncle, James and Erma Royer, and inherited by her father, Robert Meagher, who practiced law in Fredericktown. 

Following her father’s death in 2007, Trish contacted the Department about donating the 84-acre home place, situated immediately south of Millstream Gardens Conservation Area approximately 8 miles west of Fredericktown. “I simply could not sell the land,” Trish said. “It had been in the family since my great-great grandparents bought it in 1860 and was a place filled with so many memories. I knew that the St. Francis River straddled Millstream Gardens and that my family’s land would provide public access to the part of the conservation area lying south of the river. I also liked the idea that my family and I would still be able to hike around on it.” 

Trish’s donation to the Department was given in honor of her children, Roberta and James, and the tract is named to honor her grandparents. The Robert Patrick and Lula Ellis Meagher Conservation Tract, which consists of a mix of pasture and woodlands, is managed as part of the Millstream Gardens Conservation Area.

Directions to Millstream Gardens Conservation Area: From Fredericktown: take Highway 72 west 8 miles to the area. South of the
river: take Route D to the area. 

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