Quality Deer Management Association

In 1988, the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) was developed by a small group of South Carolina sportsmen to enhance state's deer herd. By 1990, the organization had grown beyond the modest borders of South Carolina. And today, the QDMA is an international nonprofit wildlife conservation organization and remains the leading advocate of the quality deer management philosophy.

Understanding that the QDMA is a technical research-based organization, the Missouri Department of Conservation has looked to the QDMA for information and partnerships. Both organizations prioritize efforts to manage habitat and promote sustainable, high-quality white-tailed deer populations on private and public land. Highlighting this is a joint position established in Missouri focused toward developing wildlife cooperatives. Groups and organizations across the country are making efforts to model the position to better achieve management goals and objectives through this voluntary program.

Missouri Department of Conservation staff members have been provided opportunities to attend training by the QDMA. In an effort to ensure employees have the most recent deer management information, the QDMA hosted an accelerated version of its Deer Steward 1 course. The course was taught by QDMA staff biologists, leading deer researchers from major universities and Missouri Department of Conservation's biologists.

Missouri's QDMA Branches annually host educational workshops for private landowners on prescribed fire, forest stand improvement, food plots, and a variety of deer management topics. Many of these workshops are performed in cooperation with Missouri Department of Conservation staff. Missouri Branches also contribute to a variety of community and food pantry programs such as Share-the-Harvest, donating over $10,000 in recent years.

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