Haynes Land Donation

A donation of 44 acres to the Missouri Department of Conservation made by Dan Haynes and his wife, Pam, of Roscoe, Illinois, is an addition to Wilhelmina Conservation Area in Dunklin County. Dan’s parents, Curtis and Louise Haynes, bought the tract and other land in Dunklin County in the mid-50’s and moved their young family to Missouri from Arkansas. “I just think it’s a good fit for the 40 acres to be in the hands of the Conservation Department and a way to honor my folks. It was hard for us to access some of the property because of the Wilhelmina Cutoff and this way the land can be under the stewardship of the Department. When I was a kid the surrounding land that was later acquired by the Conservation Department was known as the ‘Armstrong Cork’ property. I have good memories of hunting and walking the property. This will be a chance for the 44 acres to be used and enjoyed by others,” Dan said.

 “This generous donation will allow the tract to be returned to the native bottomland hardwoods it once was and will provide valuable forest wildlife habitat that is sorely lacking in much of Dunklin County. Folks coming to the property might see deer, beaver, waterfowl, and a lot of songbirds ”, commented area manager Mark Pelton . Signage has been erected on the tract to acknowledge that the property was donated by the family of Curtis and Louise Haynes in their memory.

Directions to Wilhelmina Conservation Area: The entrance to the main tract is in Dunklin County north of Campbell on Highway 53, then 4.5 miles west on Route DD and west again on County Road 203.


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