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Ducks Unlimited was chartered in 1937 by concerned sportsmen in response to declining waterfowl populations that resulted from the drought of the “dust bowl” days. Initially headquartered in New York City, DU sought to raise money in the United States to fund wetland conservation work on the breeding grounds in the prairie provinces of Canada.

From these humble beginnings, Missouri Ducks Unlimited has steadily advanced because of a marvelous synergy between passionate volunteers, energetic staff and conservation partners. Today Missouri Ducks Unlimited has 90 area committees with a total membership of 18,326 members. In 2012, local chapters raised $1,379,216 in support of wetland conservation.

Since Ducks Unlimited announced its intention to carry out wetland conservation work in the United States in 1984, Missouri has benefitted from a number of projects. Through 2012, Ducks Unlimited has funneled $14,061,086 to the state and a total of 108,103 acres have been conserved in Missouri.

The partnership shared between Ducks Unlimited and Department of Conservation has truly evolved into a model for wetland conservation delivery. Additionally, both organizations are not only committed to restoring wetland habitats in Missouri, but also share a strong partnership aimed at protecting the breeding grounds to our North. Over the past 32 years, Missouri Department of Conservation has contributed in excess of $5.3M to protect wetlands in Canada.

Numerous habitat projects and initiatives have benefited private and public land in Missouri including wetland restoration projects at Ten Mile Pond, Four Rivers, Settle’s Ford, and Nodaway Valley Conservation Areas.

Ducks Unlimited has helped the Department and other partners secure North American Wetland Conservation Act challenge grants for wetland conservation projects in Missouri. Some project highlights include wetland restoration and acquisition at B.K. Leach, Fountain Grove, Montrose, and Duck Creek Conservation Areas.

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