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April 2015 Issue

I Am Conservation

The Steuber family has participated in turkey hunting for generations. “My dad, Roger and my grandpa started hunting turkeys the first year there was a turkey season in Maries County,” said Joe Steuber  “I couldn’t really tell you how young I was when I started hunting. I do, however, vividly remember when I was old enough to carry my own shotgun.” i am conservation 04-2015Joe sought to get his two daughters, 9-year-old Maci and 12-year-old Madi, involved in hunting at an early age. “They grew up doing lots of activities outside on our family farms,” said Joe. “Naturally, turkey hunting was just one more fun thing to do outside.” Joe said he especially likes turkey season for family fun because there are many things happening to keep kids engaged in the outdoors. “You can outsmart a loud, old gobbler in the morning, pick native flowers for great-grandma off our glades, or even luck into a mess of morel mushrooms,” said Joe. He said the family also enjoys getting together in a similar fashion during firearms deer season and to enjoy small game hunting and fishing on the family farm. “As the girls are now getting a little older, we are beginning to prepare for expanding our activities to upland bird hunting and some waterfowl hunting,” said Joe. “This is a type of hunting I am not too familiar with, but my wife’s family is.” Roger said all of his grandchildren are growing up steeped in outdoor activities. “Seeing these experiences through their eyes is a great reward for grandpa!”

—photograph by Noppadol Paothong

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