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Winter Sunset
Rob Tweddle snapped this dramatic winter sunset at August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles County.
Rob Tweddle

Discover Nature Photo Contest Winners

Publish Date

Dec 16, 2014

From January through November of 2014, Missourians responded to our Discover Nature Photo Contest with hundreds of images. At the end of every month, we scrolled through our photo stream to choose that month’s winning image. It wasn’t easy. The photos were diverse, but they all portrayed a moment of discovering nature or enjoying Missouri’s great outdoors — dramatic or funny wildlife shots, scenic views, proud hunting and fishing moments, and close-ups of tiny insects.

The grand prize for winning the Discover Nature Photo Contest? Bragging rights for getting a great nature photo published in this issue of the Conservationist.

Congratulations to our 11 contest winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in helping others get outside and discover nature!

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white-throated sparrow
February Winner
Derek Eisenhart got a crisp shot of this white-throated sparrow at Forest 44 Conservation Area in St. Louis County.


gray squirrel
March Winner
Sharon Chambers caught this gray squirrel peeking out of a hollow tree in Parkville in Platte County.


yellow morel mushroom
April Winner
Ten-month-old Simon helped mom, Rosalie Dear, scout out this 9-and-a-half inch yellow morel in Warrensburg in Johnson County.


Red Fox
May Winner
Mary Knaebel snapped this red fox catching her scent on the air in Randolph County.


two young barred owls
June Winner
Shirley Scrivner of Russellville in Cole County photographed these two young barred owls, who she thinks may have been discussing dinner.


mourning cloak butterfly
July Winner
Crystal Shoults of Osage County photographed this mourning cloak butterfly in her backyard.


two male great egrets fighting for territory
August Winner
Christina Laws took this dramatic shot of two male great egrets fighting for territory at Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge in Pike County.


September Winner
Lisa Hostetter saw this spider’s work below her deck in Waverly in Lafayette County just in time to avoid walking into it.


chorus frog
October Winner
Doug Mitchell photographed this chorus frog perched on a hickory leaf in fall color near the University of Missouri’s Southwest Research Center.


November Winner
This groundhog stopped in its tracks when it saw John Foehner with his camera near Lake of the Ozarks in Camden County.

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