Fiscal Year 2012–2013 Annual Report Summary

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2013

been one of the Department’s best-selling books since its release in 1965. Each waterway includes easy-to-read maps, descriptions of access points, camping, state parks, and conservation areas along the way.

Landowner-Led Habitat Cooperatives

The Department and nongovernment organizations provided 45 wildlife and habitat cooperatives with information through workshops and educational meetings in fiscal year 2013.

Listened to Missourians

Part of delivering excellent public service is to listen and understand Missourians. In fiscal year 2013, there were 53 activities that involved 83,802 people. These included surveys, focus groups, open houses, comments, and presentations to the Regulations Committee, and contacts with the Department’s ombudsman.

Engage Partners At All Levels

County Aid Road Trust

The County Aid Road Trust program enables the Department to cost share maintenance of roads accessing Department areas with 39 counties and other local governments. The program provided about $530,000 statewide last fiscal year.

Volunteer Fire Departments

The Department, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, provided $354,467 in grants to 182 volunteer fire departments. Equipment was also provided to fire departments through two federal programs. Through the Federal Excess Property Program we obtained equipment valued at $3,383,794. The new Fire Fighter Program obtained equipment valued at $2,040,321.

Share the Harvest

Conservation agents coordinate and support the Share the Harvest program with the Conservation Federation of Missouri, local charitable organizations, and local meat processors. In 2012, approximately 6,244 hunters donated 318,115 pounds of venison to less-fortunate Missourians.

New Fishing Platform at Bennett Spring

A disabled accessible fishing platform was constructed at Bennett Spring on the east side of the stream just below the dam, and another new fishing platform was built directly across the stream. The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation raised more than $60,000 from local businesses and organizations to fund this project.

Archery in the Schools

Missouri National Archery in the Schools (MoNASP) is coordinated through the Department and the Conservation Federation of Missouri. MoNASP is an affiliate of NASP and promotes education, self-esteem, and physical activity through archery to more than 63,000 Missouri students in 290 schools statewide. The Department co-hosted the NASP World Tournament in June 2013 in St. Louis — the first one held in Missouri. A total of 3,045 students participated, representing 22 states and two Canadian provinces.


Conservation Sales Tax – $102,532,262

Permit Sales– $31,983,335

Federal Reimbursements – 26,543,555

Sales and Rentals– $7,820,331

Other Sources– $3,535,350

Interest– $389,791

Total Receipts– $172,804,624


County Assistance Payments – 1.00%

Capital Improvements – 9.06%

Fisheries – 8.08%

Forestry – 11.19%

Wildlife – 12.22%

Outreach and Education– 9.32%

Private Land Services – 5.41%

Protection – 9.68%

Resource Science – 6.93%

Regional Public Contact Offices – 1.34%

Administrative Services – 15.14%

Human Resources – 1.46%

Design and Development – 7.33%

Administration – 1.84%

Missouri State Budget

Health and Social Services – 44.4%

Education – 27.3%

Government Services –.6%

Transportation – 9.0%

Natural and Economic Resources – 4.1%

Conservation – 0.6%

MDC represents less than 1% of the total state budget

Total State Budget– $24,031,415,726

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