Fiscal Year 2012–2013 Annual Report Summary

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2013


The Department began its 10th year of an internship program. Objectives are threefold: expose students to a variety of professional tasks and the Department’s culture, mentor students in disciplines in which job candidates are scarce, and attract students with diverse backgrounds to the Department’s workforce. In fiscal year 2013, 12 students interned.

Fiscal Year 2013 Summary

County Assistance Payments—$1,639,888 Paid county levee and drainage district taxes, forest cropland payments, in lieu of real estate taxes, and county aid road trust payments. Since 1980, paid more than $17.5 million to Missouri counties in lieu of real estate taxes.

Capital Improvements—$14,844,254 Constructed, renovated, and repaired fish hatcheries, river accesses, wetlands, shooting ranges, nature centers, and facilities statewide; and acquired land.

Fisheries—$13,243,735 Managed sport fish populations, aquatic biodiversity, and aquatic habitats. Managed 1,014 areas for fishing, and assisted 5,446 landowners with stream and lake management. Stocked about 5.1 million fish in public waters.

Forestry—$18,342,297 Distributed about 3 million seedlings to 10,700 landowners, provided forestry assistance on more than 75,614 acres of private land and to more than 140 municipalities, managed 438,700 acres of public forest, monitored insect and disease threats, and facilitated development of the state’s forest industry.

Wildlife—$20,023,939 Managed more than 182,000 acres of public land. Monitored federally endangered or threatened species. Identified priority geographies to focus investments. Aided guidance and funding for national and international bird conservation. Facilitated about 50,000 hunter trips through managed hunts.

Outreach and Education—$15,274,280 Nearly 800,000 visited nature centers and shooting ranges, more than 500,000 subscribed to the Missouri Conservationist, more than 120,000 subscribed to Xplor, and more than 5.5 million visited MDC’s website. Also provided more than $200,000 in grants to schools, conservation curriculums for schools, outdoor skills programs, and hunter education.

Private Land Services—$8,858,706 Provided 31,400 rural and urban landowner contacts; affected 280,155 acres through technical assistance to landowners; provided habitat management workshops to 40,486; assisted USDA with enrolling 90,000 acres of cropfield reflooding in the Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative; and assisted 5,607 landowners with nuisance wildlife.

Protection—$15,864,335 Provided wildlife law enforcement in every county as well as resource management, information, education, and public service. Conservation agents contacted approximately 710,000 people, and they coordinated the Share the Harvest program. Conservation agents, along with 1,067 volunteers donating 11,000 hours, conducted 974 hunter education classes, certifying 24,151 students.

Resource Science—$11,365,690 Monitored the status of Missouri’s fish, forests, plants, and wildlife, recommended conservation actions, evaluated these actions,

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