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November 2012 Issue

I Am Conservation

“Conservation reaches out to all Missourians,” says Jackie Womack, who grew up in the country near St. Louis and hunted and fished a lot in his childhood. “My brother and I would flush rabbits when we were kids,” says Womack.i am conservation “Us 8- or 9-year-olds could get more rabbits than my dad and granddad could get.” Jackie raised his two children, Michael and Christina, to appreciate the outdoors through target shooting, hunting and fishing. Sports they still take partake in today. “The best thing about the Conservation Department is that it is available to all Missourians. Everyone can take part if they wish, from shooting clinics, places to hunt, ponds to fish and outdoors to explore.” —Photo by David Stonner

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Bob Hinds's farm near Willow Springs

Growth Industry

For nearly a half a century, three Missourians have been planting trees from the George O. White State Forest Nursery in Texas County.

Craig Alderman of Buffalo, MO

Quail and Beyond

Building better habitat for all upland wildlife

Native Grasses

The Grass IS Greener!

This summer’s drought shows the importance of native warm-season grasses.

White Tailed Deer

Venison, Woods-to-Table Taste Sensation

Learn how to make two venison dishes by the author of Cooking Wild.


Saving our Sturgeon

Raising and releasing mighty fish for big rivers

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