I Am Conservation

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I am conservation 06-2012Members of the Reeds Spring High School Stream Team, Stream Team #432, monitor the water quality of Railey Creek, which begins at a spring in downtown Reeds Spring and flows into the James River and Table Rock Lake. Members pictured are: Yun Han, Austin Vasqueszla, Dean Rogers, Andrea Studer and Kayla Hale. The stream team completes macroinvertebrate sampling and water chemical tests. In addition, students learn map reading, stream deposition and erosion, environmental law and legislation, and local karst topography. At the end of the school year, students conduct bioassays and write scientific papers concerning their research. ”Stream Team is more than just a class; it’s an active decision to do something for the greater good of our environment,” says Kayla Hale. Stream Team #432 has won numerous awards for their work over the years and is a charter member in the Missouri Environmental Education Association. “The best method for protecting water quality is to create knowledgeable stewards who will look after streams today and through generations,” says teacher and stream team advisor, Tonya Lewis. “That describes the Stream Team program.” —Photo by David Stonner

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