I Am Conservation

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In September 2011, a dedication ceremony was held for a donation of nearly 1,000 acres in Clinton County. Thomas F. McGee Jr., deceased, donated the land to be preserved as a natural area and enjoyed by the public. A few of McGee’s relatives who attended the dedication are pictured above: Thomas R. McGee, Lucy Cook, Molly McGee, Amy Shields and Sheila Lillis. “My brother Tommy always loved nature, so this land was a special place for him,” says McGee’s sister Molly. “He didn’t want the land to be developed, but to be saved so that others could enjoy this area as he did. He was so impressed with the Missouri Department of Conservation that he entrusted them with this place that was so important to him. I am so proud to have my family’s name on this property. I hope it is enjoyed by many people for years to come, as Tommy envisioned.”

—Photo by David Stonner

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