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January 2012 Issue

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Conservation Photo History

History documents Missouri’s conservation successes. The Department, working with individual citizens and many diverse partner groups, continues to advance on-the-ground conservation across our state. This photo editorial highlights significant forestry accomplishments since the late 1930s. A fundamental tenet of the Department recognizes that the hope of forest, fish and wildlife management and conservation in Missouri lies in the three-way cooperation of the agency, the landowner and the public—based upon adequate information and mutual understanding. Missouri’s citizen-created Conservation Department is something to feel good about and something to value.

Robert L. Ziehmer, director


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hunter with dogs

All the Other Stuff

Land management benefits more than your target species, and it expands your recreational opportunities.

75 years

Partnerships: The Cornerstone of Conservation

The Conservation Department was created by a citizen-led effort to restore Missouri's fish, forests and wildlife 75 years ago. Since then, many conservation successes have been achieved thanks to partnerships.

photo of a red tailed hawk

Avian Ally

Missouri enthusiasts keep an ancient hunting partnership alive.

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010–2011

This summary of the Annual Report highlights the Missouri Department of Conservation’s accomplishments and expenditures from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.

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