Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010–2011

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Published on: Dec. 13, 2011

This summary of the Annual Report highlights the Missouri Department of Conservation’s accomplishments and expenditures from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011. These accomplishments are based on the nine goals established in The Next Generation of Conservation. Not only does this summary highlight the accomplishments of the Department, but it emphasizes that Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife; that we work with Missourians and for Missourians to sustain healthy forests, fish and wildlife; that we help people discover nature; that conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish; and that conservation pays by enriching our economy and quality of life.

Conservation Education

Discover Nature Schools

In 2011, more than 78,000 Missouri children were connected with nature through various Discover Nature Schools instructional units and grants. Thus far, 95 school districts adopted the elementary habitats unit, 115 districts taught the middle-school aquatic unit and 24 districts adopted the high school ecology unit. An additional 76 schools engaged students in learning about Missouri’s fish, forest, wildlife or natural habitats through our Conservation K-3 Field Trip Grant. This year a kindergarten through second-grade unit was completed, and a pre-kindergarten unit is in development. Conservation grants supporting Discover Nature Schools totaled $268,909.

Xplor kids’ magazine

Targeted to Missourians age 7–12, Xplor magazine aims to connect kids with nature using fun, interesting stories, art and photography. The free bimonthly magazine and companion website were launched in February 2010. At the end of FY11, subscriptions to the magazine were at 80,000 and are slated to surpass 100,000 in the first quarter of FY12.

Social media

Social media plays an increasing role in sharing MDC information with Missourians. The Department’s Facebook page reaches almost 1.5 million people per month from more than 33,000 fans who then share our information with their hundreds of thousands of online friends. Our Twitter feed has more than 1,600 followers who then pass MDC tweets along to thousands more. MDC’s YouTube channels average about 140,000 views per month with more than 5 million total views. MDC online photos through Flickr offer about 1,500 images, which have had more than 25,000 views.

Plants & Animals

Elk restoration

Wild elk returned to Missouri after an absence of 150 years. On May 5, 2011, after all requirements of the health protocols were met, six bull elk and 28 cows and calves arrived at Peck Ranch Conservation Area (CA). This 23,000- acre

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