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March 2011 Issue

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What is it?

Our photographers have been busy exploring the intricacies of the Missouri outdoors. See if you can guess this month’s natural wonder. The answer is revealed below.

Spotted salamander

On the back cover and right is a spotted salamander by Jim Rathert. They are common throughout the southern two-thirds of the state, except the eastern part of the Bootheel. In the first warm rains in late February to mid-March, they gather to breed in shallow, fishless woodland ponds. The salamanders, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, engage in a sort of mating dance in shallow water. They are often seen crossing roads on warm, rainy nights in spring. To learn more, visit

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Overstory research crew measuring trees

The Mosaic of an Ozark Forest

The large-scale, long-term Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project aims to evaluate forest management practices and their effect on flora and fauna.


Just a Robin

One of North America's most successful birds, robins thrive in Missouri. These alert, energetic birds may be common, but they deserve a closer look.

Salt Creek River

Vanishing Veins of the Watershed

Intermittent streams are of constant value to people and wildlife.

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Editor In Chief - Ara Clark
Managing Editor - Nichole LeClair Terrill
Art Director - Cliff White
Staff Writer - Bonnie Chasteen
Staff Writer - Jim Low
Photographer - Noppadol Paothong
Photographer - David Stonner
Designer - Stephanie Thurber
Artist - Dave Besenger
Artist - Mark Raithel
Circulation - Laura Scheuler