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August 2009 Issue

Community Conservation

Taking Action

Adopt-A-Trail: The Green Team

  • Organization: Adopt-A-Trail
  • Mission: The Conservation Department’s Adopt-A-Trail Program is a volunteer program providing opportunities for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians to assist conservation area staff by monitoring, maintaining and enhancing trails and trail head facilities.
  • Learn More or Volunteer: e-mail: or call (573) 522-4115 ext. 3636

“My group got started about two years ago. Walmart encourages making a difference in your community, so I decided to adopt a trail and get Walmart associates involved,” says Renee Reynolds, Town & Country Walmart store manager. “I thought this was a great opportunity that would help engage my associates and help make a difference in the community we live in.”

Renee and her “Green Team” have adopted trails at the 1,008-acre Forest 44 Conservation Area in west St. Louis County. Last year, they conducted litter cleanups and planted tree seedlings. This year they plan to help with invasive species removal, litter cleanups and “whatever projects are needed.”

“One of most successful cleanups I participated in was our first litter cleanup as ‘The Green Team,’” says Renee. “We had over 30 Walmart associates, managers and family members. Our team collected over 40 bags of litter, two water heaters and a dozen golf balls. The golf balls were later put to good use by one of the Green Team volunteers. It was hard to believe all of this litter was collected in two hours!” Renee and her team say that they look forward to volunteering with Adopt-A-Trail for many years to come.

Nominate Now

Honor Missouri citizens who contributed to conservation.

The Missouri Conservation Commission would like to recognize citizens who make outstanding contributions to conservation. Nominations are being sought for the Master Conservationist Award and the Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame. The Master Conservationist Award honors living or deceased citizens while the Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame recognizes deceased individuals. Those who can be considered for either honor are:

  • Citizens who performed outstanding acts or whose dedicated service over an extended time produced major progress in fisheries, forestry or wildlife conservation in Missouri.
  • Employees of conservation-related agencies who performed outstanding acts or whose dedicated service over an extended time produced major progress in fisheries, forestry or wildlife conservation in Missouri.

Anyone can submit a nomination, which should include a statement describing the nominee’s accomplishments and a brief biography. Please submit nominations by September 1 to Denise Bateman, Missouri Department of Conservation, PO Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102 or e-mail

A screening committee appointed by the Department’s director meets semi-annually to consider nominees, with the Conservation Commission conveying final approval.

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