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Published on: Feb. 2, 2008

Last revision: Dec. 7, 2010

225 feet below Bagnell Dam in the no-fishing zone, live bait may be taken by dip net and throw net only. This allows anglers to take live bait while protecting game species in this no-fishing zone.

The 1 fish daily limit and 24-inch minimum length limit on flathead catfish on Longview Lake have been removed. The restrictions were put in place three years ago to protect stocked flathead until they became established in the lake. The initial flathead stocking has resulted in a reproducing population, and sampling the last two years has revealed good numbers of naturally reproduced fish.

The length limit of 12 inches has been removed on gizzard shad taken by live bait methods. These fish commonly reach lengths greater than 12 inches, and are highly desirable as bait. Removing the length limit allows anglers to use this abundant resource.


Holders of the Resident Fur Handlers Permit can now possess, process, transport and ship their own pelts starting Feb. 16. The date was changed from March 2 to coincide with the furbearer hunting and trapping seasons.

The Resident Trapping Permit, the Resident Cable Restraint Permit, the Resident Fur Handler Permit and the Nonresident Furbearer Hunting and Trapping Permit all are now valid from date of purchase through June 30. This change makes all these permits valid for the entire trapping season.


Starting this fall, firearms deer hunters will be able to use air-powered guns, .40 caliber or larger, charged only from an external high compression power source (external hand pump, air tank or air compressor). This change was the result of a suggestion from the public. Before it was passed, staff members tested large bore air rifles powered by compressed air and found them suitable for hunting deer.

Citizen input

Every day, the department receives letters, email messages and phone calls about regulation changes. Each idea is recorded and sent to the Regulations Committee for review to see how it will affect the resource and how other Missourians use that resource. The Department also surveys Missourians to see if the regulations are fitting their needs. Not all suggestions can stand up to review. For example, in a 2002 statewide catfish angler survey, 55 percent of Missouri River anglers said they favored some form of harvest restriction so larger catfish could be harvested, although the portion of the river to be regulated was not specified in the questionnaire.

Based on harvest and population research, staff biologists recommended a portion of the Missouri and Lamine rivers for restrictions that would promote the growth of larger catfish. After a series of meetings held in the areas near those rivers, the Department decided not to pursue special regulations due to the negative response to the proposal.

Your opinion counts!

Since December, we have been asking for Missourians opinions on deer seasons. We are looking at possibly changing the dates of firearms season and either expanding or eliminating the antler-point restriction. If you aren’t able to attend a meeting, you can view the presentation and give your opinion online.

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