Learning From Our Landowners

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Published on: May. 2, 2006

Last revision: Nov. 29, 2010

we must continue to improve our communication with landowners.

Landowners short on time and manpower may want to take advantage of specially trained conservation contractors. A series of conservation contractor workshops were completed in February and March to help link contractors with landowners and individuals wanting to install conservation practices. Additional training will be provided to the contractors to reinforce the needs of many wildlife species.

The most important piece of information provided by the survey was an indication of landowner satisfaction. Survey participants were asked, “Thinking about your most recent contact with MDC, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the assistance you received?” To the credit of many eager landowners and dedicated Department employees across the state, nearly 90 percent of the survey respondents were either somewhat or very satisfied with the assistance they received.

The results are certainly positive and indicate that most landowners are satisfied with the assistance received. However, much work lies ahead. The Department of Conservation has a goal of providing assistance to all state landowners, not only to those individuals restoring native prairie remnants in Northern Missouri or pine savannas in the Ozarks, but to the cattle producer in west-central Missouri, the cotton farmer in the southeast part of the state, and every landowner in between.

One way of accomplishing this delivery of service is to foster partnerships with agricultural and conservation organizations and entities in the state. Partnerships have proven to be effective, and we will continue to expand in this area wherever opportunities exist. But the most important method in advancing private land stewardship is to continue to listen to all Missouri landowners.

Many individuals receiving the survey took time to write in suggestions, concerns or to mention a staff member or program area they were particularly pleased with. One of the most frequently cited concerns from landowners was the lack of follow-up assistance available after a management plan or contract has been developed. Please know that your comments—both positive and negative—will be used to improve our delivery of services to landowners.

Landowner involvement is the critical component for the future of Missouri’s natural resources. A call to your local MDC office can be a great place to begin your quest. The Department of Conservation is just one of many agencies and conservation partners delivering assistance to landowners. Your local county Soil and Water Conservation District Office, Natural Resources Conservation Service, or Farm Service Agency offices all offer assistance. These professionals can help a landowner get going in the right direction!

We thank all of the individuals across the state that took the time to respond to the 2005 survey and look forward to working with Missouri’s landowners for years to come.

Landowner Satisfaction

When asked how satisfied or dissatisfied landowners were with the assistance they received, their response was:

  • 69% very satisfied
  • 19% somewhat satisfied
  • 5% neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  • 4% somewhat dissatisfied
  • 3% very dissatisfied

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