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Published on: Feb. 2, 2004

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rivers are rising, there can be a lot of logs and other debris in the water. Snaggers and other boaters need to watch out for these hazards.

Table Rock Lake

On Table Rock Lake, most snagging occurs in the upper reaches of the James River Arm, within 3 miles of Flat Creek near Point 15. During high-water years, fish and snaggers can go further up the James River.

Public accesses include Cape Fair and Bridge Port accesses.

Truman Lake

On Truman Lake, paddlefish make spawning runs up the Osage River Arm into the Marais des Cygnes River.

Early in the season, snagging is good above the Talley Bend Access and near Osceola. As water temperatures and flow increase, paddlefish move upstream toward the Roscoe and Taberville accesses. You can also find paddlefish in the lower Sac River.

During years of high water, snagging can also be good in the Marais des Cygnes River up to the Kansas border. Snagging is primarily done from boat, but some anglers snag from the banks at public access areas and bridge right-of-ways.

Public ramps include Talley Bend, Brush Creek, Crowes Crossing, City of Osceola, Highway 83, Roscoe, Taberville and Old Town accesses.

Lake of the Ozarks

Most of the snagging and harvest occurs in deep pools on the upper 40 miles of the Osage River Arm.

Early in the season, snagging is good in the Ivy Bend/Coffman Bend area near the 50 mile marker and above. As water temperatures and flows increase, paddlefish move upstream toward Truman Dam. However, snagging is not permitted from Truman Dam downstream to the Highway 65 Bridge. Snagging is popular in the Niangua Arm between the mouth of the Little Niangua Arm and the Highway 54 Bridge.

Public ramps include Bledsoe Ferry, Warsaw Harbor, Brown’s Bend and Larry Gale accesses. Boater can also launch for a fee at one of the numerous private ramps on the lake.

Osage River

Snagging occurs for a few miles below the Highway 54 Bridge, about 1.3 miles downstream from Bagnell Dam. The area between Highway 54 and Bagnell Dam is closed to snagging. Paddlefish are also taken in the lower 25 miles of the Osage River.

Public ramps can be found at Bagnell Dam, Pike’s Camp, Mari-Osa and Bonnots Mill accesses.

Paddlefishing Equipment

Typical snagging gear includes a stiff, 6- to 7-foot rod equipped with a level-wind saltwater reel spooled with 100-pound test (or heavier) braided line. Some snaggers choose 7- to 9-foot, medium-heavy action surf rods and large-frame, large-capacity

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