The Real Secrets to Deer Hunting Success

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Published on: Oct. 2, 2003

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never get a deer. I eagerly agreed. This man knew the secret, and I wanted to find out what it was.

He told me to be at his place two hours before daylight, and I got there right on time. When it was light enough to shoot, we headed into some brushy woods. He said it was unwise to walk in before daylight because you would just chase out all the deer ahead of you, but if you waited until daylight, you'd often get your deer before you got to your spot. Sure enough, we saw three small groups of does before we got to the spot he had picked to stand.

He told me to sit down and that he was going to stand. I sat a long time, but I can't say I learned anything. The expert was alert and watched everything around him, but I could hardly stay awake.

Suddenly his shot woke me from my daydream. He turned and said, "Let's go see what he looks like." I followed him about a 150 yards to see a buck with one side of his rack broken off. The other side had five long points.

After field dressing the deer, the expert drove me to a nearby diner. Over our meal, he told me he had been watching me before he shot the buck. "If you had been alone," he said, "you never would have seen the deer, let alone shot it." He said I only needed to know one thing if I was ever going to get a deer.

This is what he said: "From the time you load your gun until the time you unload it, keep thinking to yourself that in one more second you're going to see that buck. No matter what happens or what's going on, or how tired you are, or how good the weather is, or how bad the weather is, keep saying to yourself, 'In one more second, I'm going to see that deer.' That's the secret."

We returned back to the same general area where we had spent the morning. The expert got out of his truck, loaded his gun and entered another brushy area. He crept through this tangled mess, alert and quite obviously believing that he was going to see a deer. About every hundred feet, he stopped, stood and slowly turned completely around, looking at everything.

After about an hour, he looked at

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