Four of a Kind

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Published on: Feb. 3, 2003

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trout water. Some anglers even sit in lawn chairs while they wait for the fish to bite.

Timing is the key to gaining solitude on the waters. Anglers are much less dense (crowded together) on weekdays than weekends, after 9 a.m., in late afternoon and in early evening, before the siren sounds for anglers to quit for the day. The worse the weather, the fewer the anglers, although you'll be surprised how many people are willing to brave cold or wet conditions for the chance to catch trout. Even during peak hours, however, it's usually possible to get off by yourself, especially in areas where wading is allowed.

You don't need a lot of equipment to fish the trout parks. Hip boots or waders are helpful, but not necessary--you can always find a place to sit or stand on the bank. Most anglers use light or ultra-light spinning tackle. The light lines help catch fish that are rapidly becoming smarter, and they make fighting fish more fun.

The most popular bait at the trout parks is a prepared bait that comes in a bottle. It smells a little like bubble gum and looks a lot like marshmallows, but it is not for human snacking! Where allowed, the bait lures a lot of trout.

Anglers also have reported having good luck with worms, minnows, waxworms and even crickets, but over the long run, prepared baits tend to outperform "natural" baits.

Another option is to toss hardware. A number of anglers use only tiny, or "micro," jigs that they cast upstream or across stream and retrieve in short hops along the bottom. On the other hand, a kid with an early limit of fish said a small white Roostertail is the only lure worth having at a trout park.

Three of the parks have "flies-only" waters where anglers can stretch out their lines to tempt fish. The best fly patterns tend to be small, but visit the park store or local tackle shops to determine what works best at each park. The legal definition of a fly allows small jigs, which some anglers use with spinning tackle in the flies-only zone.

Trout Park Tips

  • You'll seldom have a stretch of water by yourself. It's usually a good idea to stake out a place early, before the siren sounds, but expect and admit company.
  • Especially in pools, trout may not be feeding on the bottom. Use a small bobber (strike indicator for

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