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August 2001 Issue

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Early Season Squirrel Hunting

Squirrel hunter Lesley Rosenborough scans the treetops for squirrels. The Jefferson City firefighter spends much of his free time hunting and fishing. For squirrels, he prefers a .410 shotgun. He says his favorite technique is still hunting, slowly stalking through the woods with frequent stops to look and listen.

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Missouri Mosses

Mosses improve many environments, but moss can become a problem on rooftops, decks, walkways and outdoor structures.

A Lifelong Love Of Fishing

The Heritage Foundation helps a family nurture a new generation of anglers.

A Fine Kettle Of Fish

The new Lost Valley Hatchery will fuel Missouri's sportfishing into the 21st Century.

Rebirth Of An Urban Prairie

Reviving a prairie that somehow escaped both plow and pavement.

Three people in a john boat fish on a river

Afloat For Fish

Terrific scenery, abundant fish... little wonder float fishing remains a popular Ozark tradition.

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