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June 2000 Issue

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Banded Pygmy Sunfish (Elassoma zonatum)

Banded Pygmy sunfish inhabit weedbeds in clear and quiet waters of the southeastern lowlands of Missouri. Less than 1.5 inches long, these are the smallest of all the sunfishes. They also differ form other sunfishes by having no lateral line and a rounded, rather than a notched, tail fin. Learn more about Missouri's 200 known species of fish from the newly revised edition of The Fishes of Missouri by William L. Pflieger.

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Got Chiggers? It Figures!

A report on the enemy's movements and lifestyle, as well as defenses you can take against it.

Photo of great blue heron

Birding by Canoe

A quiet stream is like an aviary for wild birds.

Image of "wiper" (hybrid striped bass)

Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing

They chew lures like a garbage disposal, pull like a submarine.

Photo of a meloe blister beetle, female, on ground

Big Flies Big Fish

When you're after weight, don't offer dainties to trout.

Plant Poaching

A rising demand for medicinal herbs is fueling plant piracy.

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