1999 Wildlife Code Changes

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Published on: Jan. 2, 1999

Last revision: Nov. 3, 2010

previously had elected to hunt with modern firearms during the firearms deer season.

An amendment extends the amount of time a hunter may possess and store legally taken or acquired deer. Deer left for processing at a commercial processing plant shall be claimed by the owner by May 1 following the season when taken.

Youngsters under the age of 12 will be allowed to purchase a Youth Deer and Turkey Hunting Permit and to hunt deer and turkeys while under the direct supervision of a licensed, hunter education-certified, adult hunter. Previously, young people under 11 years of age were not allowed to purchase firearms deer and turkey hunting permits. Youth permit buyers are not required to display a hunter education certification card.

An amendment establishes resident and non-resident managed deer hunting permits. These permits are used for managed hunts that take place at special times or in areas (parks or refuges, etc.) not normally open to hunting.

The opening date of the squirrel season is the fourth Saturday in May. This regulation eliminates confusion about whether reference to Memorial Day (the traditional opening weekend) means the traditional date or the official observance date of the holiday.

An amendment closes the gray partridge hunting season, because partridge populations are insufficient to sustain a hunting season.

For the 1999 spring turkey season, immediately after harvest hunters must notch their permit to invalidate it, then tag the bird with the yellow transportation tag supplied when the permit was purchased.

[Web Note: The above paragraph is a correction to a statement in the printed edition of the Conservationist Magazine that stated that the tag did not need to be notched and served as a transportation tag]

Bobcats may be hunted in all or portions of 24 additional counties. This same amendment provides coyote hunters additional opportunities to pursue coyotes at night during a time of year (prior to and including spring turkey season) conducive to dog training activities.


Amendments open all or portions of 24 additional counties to bobcat harvest and allow traps to be set beginning at midnight of opening day-November 20-rather than at sunrise that day.


Permits- A Missouri Conservation Heritage Card or a Social Security number are required to purchase a permit. A person may use another person's Missouri Conservation Heritage Card to purchase a permit on their behalf.

Prices for many permits will change in 1999, while others either remain the same or decrease (see the table on page 27).

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