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December 1998 Issue

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Mourning Dove

Not all mourning doves leave Missouri when cold weather arrives. Some remain here all year, and others winter in the state after breeding in more northern latitudes. Wintering doves seek protected areas with ample and consistent food supplies, and can often be seen near backyard bird feeders. Our frigid temperatures take a toll, however. Doves that winter here often are missing toes due to frostbite. -- John Schulz

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The Flint Knapper

He chips stone into tools to keep alive an ancient art.

Remembering Wolf Bayou

Fond memories of good fishing, good people and a wonderful place.

Passing Time and the Jug

Zeke Dooley discusses retirement and fumes at animal rightists.

S. Fred Prince

This artist and scientist lived in a cave to document its marvels.

Creeks in Revolt

Urban streams should flow naturally. Why don't they?

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