Hunting Flathead Catfish

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Published on: May. 2, 1997

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on a big hook.

Two large rolls of 360-pound test braided twine, one roll of braided 150-pound test and a large roll of 240 pound test twisted twine should last you all season. You will also need two or three large window weights (approximately 5 pounds each), available at a metal salvage yard, and 15 or 20 8-ounce teardrop sinkers.

The sinkers can be purchased at many tackle shops. If you get serious about flathead fishing you may want to buy a mold and pour your own. These weights cost 60¢ a piece and you will lose a few each year.

Ask a local tire store for two or three ruined tractor tire inner tubes. You need to cut these into 5-inch sections, so tears won't matter. You should get 10 or 12 complete rubber circles, 5 inches wide from each tube. Finally, buy a roll of duct tape and a permanent magic marker.


To make a throwline, cut off 40 feet of 360-pound test braided twine. On one end, tie a large window weight. At 3-foot intervals tie 4-inch loops in the line using overhand knots. Leaving 3 feet between the window weight and the first loop, you should wind up with 7 loops and 16 feet of line left to tie to a tree, brush or rock on the bank. Wrap the throwline around the window weight.

Cut seven 32-inch pieces of 150-pound test braided twine. Put the two ends of a piece together and tie them with an overhand knot. This should leave you a doubled line 16 inches long. Pinch the line together and poke it through the eye of a hook. Spread the line that was just put through the eye, and bring the end of the hook through the created loop. Hold the hook and pull on the line to secure the hook. Place the hook point in a piece of plastic foam and repeat the process six times.

When setting the throwline, unwrap a few feet of line from the window weight and tie the loose end to a secure object. Use the duct tape and magic marker to label the line with your name and address.

When you reach the first loop, remove a hook from the foam and place the tied end through the loop. Spread the line (just placed through the loop) and bring the hook up through it and pull tight. Bait the hook and move

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