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October 1996 Issue

Holiday Gift Giving

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Oct 02, 1996

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Oct 25, 2010

NOTE: This article is obsolete.

This article was written in 1996 and is obsolete. Not all items on this page are currently available, and prices may have changed.

Please visit our Nature Shop to purchase books and calendars.

Missouri's Conservation Atlas

This 264-page, large format book has 114 county highway maps-one for every county in Missouri. A detailed area index lists facilities you can expect to find. $15.00 plus tax & shipping.

Natural Events Calendar

Our annual calendar is packed with more than two dozen beautiful photographs of nature. A wonderful way to track natural events. $3.00 plus tax & shipping.

Cy Littlebee's Cookbook

This book contains 150 favorite fish and game recipes collected by Werner Nagel. All aspects of fish and game cookery are covered. $2.00 plus tax & shipping.

Wild Edibles of Missouri

A book on identifying, gathering and preparing edible wild plants. Plants are illustrated by a line drawings. $4.50 plus tax & shipping.

Butterflies & Moths of Missouri

The second edition of this book is now available. It is a concise 385-page color field guide to butterflies and moths in Missouri. $12.50 plus tax & shipping.

Crayfishes of Missouri

A 152-page color book, featuring 32 species of crayfish, includes color photographs, descriptions and anatomical illustrations. $7.00 plus tax & shipping.


"Habitactics" is a color CD-ROM game for ages 8-13 or adults who are kids at heart. Special video and sound clips really make the animals in this game come alive. The CD-ROM works with most Mac and MS-DOS systems. $10.00 plus tax & shipping.

Where Eagles Soar

This video tells the story of the bald eagle in Missouri. See a close and personal view of eagles. $9.00 plus tax & shipping.

The Key to Duck I.D.

"The Key to Duck I.D." video teaches you to identify ducks in any season. $10.00 plus tax & shipping.

The Snakes' Tale

This video shows how snakes mate, give birth and feed. $10.00 plus tax & shipping.

Beginning Fly-Tying

This video on fly-tying adds a whole new dimension to fishing. $9.00 plus tax & shipping.

To place an order:

1) List and total merchandise.*

2) Missouri residents please add 6.225% sales tax.

3) Add the following costs for

shipping and handling:

If before-tax total is:

up to $11, add $2.00

$11.01 to $60, add $5.00

$60.01 to $100, add $6.00

over $100, add 5% of order

Send orders with your name, address and check or money order to:

Missouri Department of

Conservation - Holiday Gifts

P.O. Box 180,

Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0180.

 Discounts are available for quantity purchases in the following amounts:

1-4 items, no discount

5-25 items, 20% discount

26-50 items, 30% discount

51 and over, 40% discount

For more information on publications call: (573) 751-4115, ext. 335. For more information on videos and CD-ROM call: (573) 751-4115, ext. 205.

Also in this issue

Living With Nature

Missouri writer William Least Heat-Moon looks for his roots in the prairie soils of the Midwest.

Sleepers Through Time

Making the wooden ties that railroads use once required a strong back, a sharp eye and a steady hand.

50 Years of Archery Deer Hunting

It has been a half-century since Missourians took up the bow and arrow for modern-day deer hunts.

Kids and Whitewater

Eleven-year-old Jesse Murphy says, "There's this one girl - she's always bragging about how she went on the Current."

Way of the Willow

To be healthy, streams must be mantled in trees, shrubs and grasses.

Tree Rings

See history in the core of a tree.

Ungainly Aviators

Hunting for rails takes place when the heat of summer is still on the marsh.

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