Missouri Conservationist: Oct 1996





Living With Nature

Missouri writer William Least Heat-Moon looks for his roots in the prairie soils of the Midwest.

Sleepers Through Time

Making the wooden ties that railroads use once required a strong back, a sharp eye and a steady hand.

Holiday Gift Giving

See history in the core of a tree & look at MDC holiday gift ideas.

50 Years of Archery Deer Hunting

It has been a half-century since Missourians took up the bow and arrow for modern-day deer hunts.

Kids and Whitewater

Eleven-year-old Jesse Murphy says, "There's this one girl - she's always bragging about how she went on the Current."

Way of the Willow

To be healthy, streams must be mantled in trees, shrubs and grasses.

Tree Rings

See history in the core of a tree.

Ungainly Aviators

Hunting for rails takes place when the heat of summer is still on the marsh.

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