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Published on: Apr. 2, 1996

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I bought never starts," Fistdiddy said, "but the outboard it keeps going and going, so why not put it to good use?"

She usually proceeds at a slow troll, "but even at that speed," she said, "the prop spits stones a fair distance."

Fistdiddy mounts the motor on a small dolly, which she wheels up and down the rows. She suggests a small-diameter propeller with a 13-inch pitch. "You might want a larger prop to plow for corn," she said.

Angling Aliens Return Home Empty-"Handed"

Truman's walleye population survived galactic angling pressure when a group of alien anglers failed to net a single fish during a recent visit to the big reservoir.

Their efforts were witnessed by Moe Handy, local fisherman.

"It was so weird, incredible, really," Handy said. "I mean here they were fishing with bobbers over 70 foot of water when everybody on the planet knows that walleyes stay near the shorelines and underwater reefs."

Handy described the space aliens as funny-looking, having wheels where the hands should be. He said they left in a huff, spoiling the day's fishing with a blast from their ship's booster rockets.

"I never got another bite," he complained.

Fishing Trip Proceeds Without A Hitch

It's certainly newsworthy when everything goes right on a fishing trip. Wally, Fred, Tom and Larry all planned to meet at Fred's house at 5 a.m. for a bass adventure on Norfolk Lake.

Nobody slept in, everyone came on time. All seemed refreshed and exuberant. The weather report promised perfect conditions.

Each angler carefully packed his gear in Fred's van, breaking no rod tips nor overturning any tackle boxes in the process.

A more agreeable group of guys you'll never encounter. During the long ride they mutually concluded that local taxes were reasonable, that the summer was wetter than last and that all religions were okay.

All of them preferred country music on the radio and no one discussed politics.

When they stopped at Rosie's Diner for breakfast, all four simultaneously reached for the check. Nothing could spoil the day.

Except that when they arrived at the launch ramp, they couldn't find the boat.

Fred called home to learn it was still in his driveway. He had apparently neglected to hook it up to the trailer hitch.

Scientists Splice Genes, Create "Super" Fish

Faster than a laser beam, more powerful than a Japanese commuter train, able to leap from lake to lake, that's the Spilluro, dubbed the fish of the future, which scientists are busy creating

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