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May 04, 2012

While the weather extremes of 2011 around the state have impacted wild quail populations, there is hope. We receive numerous success stories from landowners around the state in spite of the uncommon snowstorms or record-breaking floods. Check out the link at the bottom of this page to the 2011 State of the Bobwhite Quail in Missouri  for a report on the impacts of weather on quail last year and see some great success stories. Those landowners who are managing for quail are getting results.


Bobwhite Quail


Jerry, here is hoping for a mild spring and early summer.

Dear Anonymous, what I'd suggest is to hold off the burning until you can get the second spraying done which will knock out the second crop of fescue and the serecia. If you are using a drill you do not have to burn off the trash and it will help suppress some of the weed competition. If you are going to broadcast the native grass seed, then you need to burn off the dead grass litter to get good seed to soil contact. If you need to burn I'd let the herbicide work on the fescue and sericia for a couple weeks before burning.One way to look at burning is that it encourages the serecia to germinate and then you can jump on it before it goes to seed the next fall. Otherwise the seed lays there year after year and you have some of it germinate year, after year after.........and if you happen to miss a year, then you go backwards in your progress with controlling it.Let me know if you have additional questions.

Becky, can someone get a closer picture on a phone and email it in? If so send it to and I will ID it for you. Sounds like it might be a killdeer.

Mr Bill Have a few ? Being a quail enthusiast I know your the one to help. Currently working on a project that is 50 acres of CSG - WSG conversion. I have already completed one spraying of the fescue in early April and wish to spray again when regrowth is good. Upon field inspection yesterday as I laid out the food plots close to the DTS, I noticed a big flush of Serecia Lespadeza at a heigth of 4-10" tall. my concerns are this. I really wanna burn off all the thick vegetation for planting later in the season, I've heard bad things about burning and how it enhances serecia. Also concerned about burning now and setting back the fescue regrowth that I'm waiting on to spray again thats just coming back. Looking for an answer that you would do on your farm in the best interest of WSG establishment. Thanks

Thanks for the link. I'll just echo what those folks for the most part have already said and that is the numbers seem to be up, at least around my place anyway. And I've also heard and it was mentioned in the report, that the numbers are up at Bois de Arc which is great news. I'm really looking forward to the hatch and to see how many different broods I can count here on the farm this year.

My son has a bird trying to nest on their playground. Children are stepping on this bird and causing it great amounts of stress. The staff of the school has blocked off the area with cones but it is a school playground. . .Can we contact someone to come see what kind of bird it is and maybe relocate it to a safer place?

I fixed the link, thanks for bringing that to my attention.Bill

The link is protected by a password and can't be accessed.

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