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Download the grant guidelines for Conserving Missouri’s Aquatic Ecosystems, our Discover Nature Schools middle school unit.

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Download the grant guidelines for Nature Unbound, our Discover Nature Schools high school unit.

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A Book of Bugs

I was showing my 84-year-old mother-in-law, Joan, the incredible book, “Show-Me Bugs,” that the Missouri Department of Conservation produced.

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A Little Bundle Today…A Forest Tomorrow

If you’re a landowner interested in enhancing your woods and wildlife habitat, you can buy bundles of native tree and shrub seedlings from the Missouri Department of Conservation’s tree nursery.

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A Little Help From Our Friends

Twin Pines Conservation Education Center recognizes some of it many volunteers for outstanding service to conservation education.

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About MoNASP

The Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program helps build stronger, more confident and accomplished kids.

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drawing of alligator snapping turtle in blue water with brown stream bottom

Alligator Snapping Turtle Catching Fish Postcard

Fourth-grader Richelle Davis of R-9 South Elementary in Edwards won third place in the 3-4th-grade category for the 2011 Missouri Endangered Species Postcard Contest.

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Photo of red American ginseng berry cluster

American Ginseng Berries

Unlimited harvests have made ginseng decline or disappear in many places. The ginseng trade is regulated internationally and under the Missouri Wildlife Code, with an official collecting season (usually Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, when fruits are on the plants). Diggers can help by squeezing the seeds from fruits into the hole left after the root is excavated.

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