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Photo of ginseng plant with hand for scale

American Ginseng Leaves

Leaves occur in a whorl at the top of the stem, and each leaf is palmately compound, with 3 to 5 leaflets.

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Photo of American ginseng plant with ripe berries

American Ginseng Plant with Ripe Berries

Long valued as a medicinal plant, ginseng is an annual crop in the United States and Canada valued in excess of $25 million, but overzealous collection is causing serious concern about the survival of American ginseng in the forest ecosystem.

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Photo of lotus in pool at Duck Creek CA

American Lotus Flower

American lotus is just one of the several species of “lilies” or floating leaved plants that grow in Pool 1. It provides shade and oxygen for the fish below, but can also crowd out other plants and fishermen because of its broad, round leaves.

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Photo shows American lotus flower pod at Duck Creek CA

American Lotus Seedpod

You may have seen the American lotus flower's seedpod and just didn't know it. Also known as "yanqypin," the seedpod is used often floral arrangements.

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Deer antler growth as of May 15

Antler Growth, Part II

Check out how much my camera-loving buck's antlers have grown since last time.

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Aquatic plant, pickerel weed, being grown in a nursery

Aquatic Propagation in Scours

Over the summer aquatic plants, like this pickerel weed, have been grown in a nursery and planted in some of the deeper scours that have held water through the summer.

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Arborist Ryan Russell goes out on a limb to keep trees healthy.

Arborist Ryan Russel has a Wild Job

Arborist Ryan Russell has a wild job.  He climbs trees for a living.

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A naturalist helps a young archer line up her shot.

Archery Day at Twin Pines

Archery day at Twin Pines.

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