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A Way of Life (1957)

Through the film you’ll travel into the real world of nature, where living and dying by predation is A Way of Life.Produced by Missouri Dept. of Conservation (1957).

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Drama at the Birdfeeder

Yesterday I noticed a circular pile of red feathers in my yard near my birdfeeders.

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Skyler Bockman posing with his 2014 spring turkey harvest

Late Season Hunt “Spurs” Conservation Thoughts

Spring brings new sights and experiences, especially for one naturalist’s early morning turkey hunt.

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image of a Wheel Bug Eating Asian Lady Beetle

Wheel Bug Eating Asian Lady Beetle

Much like a single-fanged spider, a wheel bug bites its prey, delivering a subduing venom that causes the prey insect’s tissues to liquify. The “meat” of the insect can then be sucked up through the wheel bug’s strawlike beak.

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