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Hummingbird Imposters

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Look! It's a hummingbird! No, it's an insect! Well, which is it?

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Photo of a male Io Moth

Io Moth

Automeris io
The wings of males are usually yellow; those of females reddish-brown. When prodded, this moth parts its forewings to reveal hindwings with huge eyespots.

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Photo of an Isabella Tiger Moth

Isabella Tiger Moth (Woolly Bear; Woolly Worm)

Pyrrharctia isabella
Not many people know the adult Isabella tiger moth when they see one, but we’re all acquainted with its caterpillar, the “woolly worm”!

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Photo of an Isabella Tiger Moth caterpillar or Woolly Worm

Isabella Tiger Moth Caterpillar (Woolly Worm; Woolly Bear)

Whether you call it a "woolly worm" or a "woolly bear," the caterpillar of the Isabella tiger moth is better known than the winged adult.

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Photo of a Leaf-folder Moth

Leaf-Folder Moths

Desmia spp.
There are 10 species of leaf-folder moths in North America, and even specialists must labor to separate them.

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Photo of a Luna Moth

Luna Moth

Actias luna
This beautiful moth’s distinctive lime-green color and long tails distinguish it from all other North American moths.

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