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Photo of Bob Trinity at wetland easement donated to Ducks Unlimited

Conservation Easement Donor Bob Trinity

With the threat of St. Charles County's development encroaching on bottomland habitat, our small hunting club wanted to ensure that our waterfowl habitat restoration efforts would be conserved into the future. Placing a conservation easement on the land was the best way to protect it. Working with Ducks Unlimited on the conservation easement also added the benefit of their expertise in developing a plan to repair some of our infrastructure and better manage the habitat. With their help, we are meeting our mission.

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Photo of Boone County conservation easement donor Tom Vernon

Conservation Easement Donor Tom Vernon

Boone County vineyard owner Tom Vernon donated an agricultural conservation easement to the Greenbelt Land Trust of Mid Missouri. "In areas like Columbia, which are high in development with great natural beauty close to town, conservation easements are critical to keep the rural quality of our community. They help provide some relief from a sea of roof tops. Hopefully our l8 acres of wooded land and small vineyard will be attractive to others and a source of enjoyment to our children."

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Conservation Easement

For Generations to Come

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A conservation easement keeps a forest intact.

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Boettcher family (Esther, Lois and Glenn)

The Boettcher Family Donation

"Our grandparents and parents acquired their land (in Gasconade County) in the early 1900s and always used careful land preservation practices. They wanted to preserve the resources for the future generations and keep the farm intact. Before our mother’s death in 2008, we looked for ways to make this dream come true and found that a conservation easement with the Ozark Regional Land Trust was the answer for us," Lois (pictured left) says. This easement protects 1,550 acres of forest and headwater streams.

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