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The Fall Shuffle is NOT a New Dance Craze

Oct 08, 2010

At least for quail, the "fall shuffle" is not a new dance from "Dancing with the Stars"!

The Spiritual Side of Managing for Wildlife

Oct 05, 2010

Attitudes and commitments of landowners like John make Missouri not only a great place to hunt and fish but a great place to live as well.

Fall Covey Headquarters Newsletter Available

Oct 01, 2010

Featuring “My Grandfathers’ Farms” by Bill White; “Targeting Ground Nest Predators,” by Daryl Damron; “Quail Conservation Says Goodbye to Good Friend Les Simon”; and more.

Photo of male northern bobwhite

Hard Work Pays Off

Sep 25, 2010

Alvin Dody’s hard work is paying off. When he purchased the farm he would have two to three coveys of quail on his farm. Now it is common for Alvin to have six to eight coveys.

Do Something!

Sep 14, 2010

You have to “do something” or you’ll never get anything done.

Beggar's Lice - Nature's Velcro?

Sep 10, 2010

What is sticking to my jeans, my dog, my coat, even my shoestrings?

My Apologies to the Butterflies

Sep 03, 2010

Do something in the name of quail and it benefits pollinators. Do something for pollinators and it benefits all of us.

Image of a monarch

Important Quail Plants You Should Know

Aug 29, 2010

Common Ragweed: bane for allergy sufferers but no. 1 wild quail food in Missouri.

Blackberries by the Bushel

Aug 26, 2010

Is this picture worth a thousand words?

My Grandfathers' Farms

Jun 04, 2010

If each of my grandfathers were alive today, they would both be more than 100 years old.