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Winter 2014 Covey Headquarters Newsletter Available

Dec 30, 2014

As the 2014 calendar is replaced with a shiny new 2015 one, most people’s thoughts turn away from the giving and receiving of the holiday season.  There are a few hardy souls, though, that venture out into the winter weather hoping for some gifts well into the New Year.  For those that have put in the hard work to manage their property for Mr. Bob, they hope for the gift of some great dog work and exciting covey flushes, as long as Mother Nature has cooperated.  Those people that hope to receive these thrilling gifts this year and for many years to come, should remember to keep giving back as well.  Winter is a great time for several management practices to be implemented that give quail a place to take shelter from the weather, evade predators, and produce the next generation.  The Winter 2014 edition of the Covey Headquarters Newsletter covers a variety of topics for those interested in quail management and related topics.


This edition features:

  • Swamp rabbit hunting – a great pursuit to try if you’ve never experienced it!
  • Fire and grazing for wildlife management – a report on some recent research from Missouri’s neighbor the southwest!
  • Small-game hunting forecast – reports are looking good!
  • Wing-aging guide – an important technique that all quail hunters should know!
  • Upcoming events and management calendar – attending some events or getting outside to do some habitat management is a great way to keep cabin fever from setting in!
  • And much more!

Download the winter edition of the newsletter, and many previous editions, at

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