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Jan 22, 2015

In the coming weeks, you should notice that the updates to the MOre Quail Blog will be more frequent and encompass a greater range of topics. The number of contributors will be expanded to include a range of resource professionals from around the state of Missouri, including managers of public areas, conservationists who work with private landowners, and researchers that try to answer the many questions we still have about quail and their management. While the focus of this blog will always be quail-centric, including habitat management, research trends, and news on the most recent publications, our new contributors will address a variety of topics related to wildlife, habitat management, and hunting.

Some topics to look for include:

  • Timely updates on quail research in Missouri and throughout the country.
  • Developments on programs, such as the myriad of Farm Bill programs, that can be used to manage and restore habitat.
  • Information on current nesting, brood rearing, and fall population conditions from biologists and managers located throughout Missouri.
  • The how and why of the many techniques we use to manage quail.
  • Other topics related to the upland hunting experience and wildlife management, such as woodcock hunting, rabbit management, how managing for quail benefits other species, combining wildlife management and agriculture so that both profit, and many other topics.

If you haven't looked at the MOre Quail Blog in some time due to lack of updates, we hope you come back more regularly. We also hope that you tell and share this blog with family and friends (and strangers as well) who share your passion for Mr. Bob! Big things are coming!

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Female bobwhite in the snow.
Female Bobwhite Walking in the Snow
Don't be left out in the cold! Stay current on quail and upland news by visiting the MOre Quail Blog in 2015!


Interesting Quali blog. I am a environmentalist. Please keep this blog going :)

Just starting to find an interest in quail, fun to read thanks

thanks, this is very helpful Cara Mendapatkan Kuota Gratis

Its good to know that QUAIL BLOG is making some unique changes from others. and yeah sure it is helpful for every one. That's really great i hope that you will make some better changes and fulfill your words..

Glad to see this will be updated more often. I followed it for awhile but after months of inactivity I gave up. Hope to here from more folks down here in SW MO.

I am alway's thankful to get any news about habitat for quail and especially interested on how the 2014 farm bill will affect habitat changes.Any serious quail hunter knows that for the last 20 years we have seen (my estimate) over 70% of quail habitat destroyed with modern farm practices.It seems to me that we tax payers spend a lot of money to insure farmers stay afloat yet put no requirements that practices to insure water and wildlife protections .I cannot understand how this has been acceptable and do hope the new farm bill will help correct some of these issues.I have heard thru pheasants and quail forever that there is help in the future but on my hunting trips in Missouri and Kansas(I hunt about three days a week thru whole season) all I see is more and more removal of habitat that is beneficial for small game and quail.

Any new publications on the horizon? Glad to here the blog will be active again. Keep up the great work!

Yes and No.  The next post will cover a publication that has been around for a decade but has had a major face-lift!

Great News! I look forward to hearing what the professionals have to say that will help me be a better "student of quail".

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