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Quail Are Living “On the Edge,” Updated Publication Now Available

Jan 30, 2015

First published in 2003, the MDC publication On the Edge – A Guide to Managing Land for Bobwhite Quail, has recently been updated and expanded. In an age where on-line articles can change daily, or even hourly, a decade or more is a long time between updates to a hard copy publication. As the saying goes, though, good things come to those that wait!


While some of the chapters from the original publication remain, they have been edited and re-written to include the most recent research conducted in Missouri and the U.S. Almost 30 additional pages of information, pictures, and references have been added. Most of the pictures have been upgraded to recent high quality photographs that help demonstrate the wealth of information being conveyed. Numerous illustrations have been added to better explain important points. New insets throughout call attention to significant issues and information that all quail managers and hunters should know.


Four new chapters utilizing a step-by-step approach have re-organized information from the previous iteration or have been added. These new chapters cover how to access your land's potential, how to apply practices that have been proven to improve the habitat on most properties, evaluating and fine-tuning your management, and tracking quail numbers.


All-in-all, the revamped On the Edge publication demonstrates why quail live, and thrive, on the edge(s), and why the bobwhite quail population as a whole is on the edge (of a very steep cliff). The information it provides, though, shows that although we might never see the 'glory days' of quail hunting again where just about every farm had a few coveys on the back forty, we can at least get glimpses of it. Even the most experienced quail hunter and manager is sure to pick up a few golden nuggets of information.


Copies of the new On the Edge – A Guide to Managing Land for Bobwhite Quail will begin to be available at MDC booths and events in 2015 or by contacting a MDC Private Land Conservationist (PLC). To find out who to contact near you, use the 'Who's My Local Contact?' search function to find the PLC that covers your county.


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Cover image of On The Edge
On the Edge cover - new edition
The cover of the re-vamped On the Edge publication helps to convey some of what has changed, such as the use of many new high quality photographs.


On the Edge table of contents
On the Edge table of contents - new edition
The table of contents in the revamped edition of On the Edge outlines chapters that have been kept, revised, or added.


Sample page of "On the Edge"
On the Edge page 27 - new edition
This inset describing habitat needs of declining pollinator populations and quail is an example of new information in the On the Edge publication.


On the Edge - old cover
On the Edge cover - old edition
The old cover of On the Edge, first published in 2003.


Dr. Dougan,You may contact me at - Jason

Jason -- e-mail so we can share information on our proposed Quail grant in Arkansas and that if funded we will want probably 25 copies of the book.

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