Fresh Afield

Mystery of the Sphinx

Aug 04, 2011

Among Missouri’s insects, sphinx moths can appear to be part hummingbird, part bat and part moth.

Fall Hunting Permits Now Available

Jul 29, 2011

It may be hard to think about hunting with the summer temperatures hovering near triple digits, but it’s just over a month until Missouri’s dove season opens on Sept. 1.

Chill Out

Jul 25, 2011

Nothing beats wade-fishing as a way to beat the summer heat while enjoying time outdoors.

The author's brother prepares to cast a fishing lure into a pool of clear water.

What's This Bug?

Jul 21, 2011

The male of the species, although harmless, is ferocious-looking due to the long pincers growing from the head.

Broken Twig Syndrome?

Jul 08, 2011

Have you found yourself picking up broken tree branch tips from your lawn recently, only to find your lawn cluttered with them again the next day?

Photo of tree-branch flagging


Jun 23, 2011

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the whitetails.

A tiny white-tailed deer fawn lies on the ground immediately below an office win

Plant Growth Gone Awry

Jun 21, 2011

Once a year or so I receive photos of a strange-looking flower that someone has photographed, usually from a field of typical flowers of the same species.

A Taste of Chitin

Jun 16, 2011

When life hands you cicadas, cover them with chocolate. That’s what Julie Love in our Protection Division did last week.

Bobwhite Quail Hatch at Its Peak

Jun 15, 2011

What does a brand-new quail need when it leaves the protection of a warm eggshell?

Scratching a Bear

Jun 13, 2011

Sometimes a bear needs help with those hard-to-reach places.

Several workers are helping extract the large bear from a foot snare.