Fresh Afield

Can't Stand the Heat? Get Out of the Lake!

Oct 20, 2011

For the last couple of years, zebra mussels have declined or disappeared from some areas of the Lake.

The zebra mussel is a little larger than a dime.

Moving Monarchs

Sep 21, 2011

Unlike the more familiar bird migrations, monarch migration is a multi-generational endeavor.

Fall Fun in Laclede County

Sep 14, 2011

Where can you find trout, alpacas and Saxon Pope?

This photo shows a misty dawn at Bennett Spring State Park.

Best Laid Plans of Birds and Men

Sep 09, 2011

Good intentions have been known to go astray, and here’s another example.

Animal Aggregations, Or, What Do You Call a Group Of ?

Sep 09, 2011

Which is more fun, a "barrel" of monkeys or a "romp" of otters?

Double Dove Opener Is Twice the Fun

Sep 06, 2011

Two openings, two banded birds, lots of hot fun.

dove in hand with banded leg

Jackson Landers' Excellent Carp Adventure

Aug 30, 2011

Wherein the Virginian discovers he has a taste for Asian cuisine.

A silver carp goes airborne just as Jackson Landers nets another fish.

MDC Wetlands Are Mostly OK

Aug 17, 2011

Many wetland areas still okay in spite of Great Flood of 2011.

Aerial view of Grand Pass Conservation Area

Opening an Angling Time Capsule

Aug 16, 2011

A historic gift sends our intrepid reporter on a trip back through fishing history.

Vintage tackle box and all contents

Hummingbird Numbers Increasing

Aug 12, 2011

Missouri’s hummingbird feeders should become busier places in the next few weeks, as additional ruby-throated hummingbirds move into our area from more northern states.