Missouri Volunteer Opportunity: Master Naturalists

Published on: Apr. 24, 2009

Who is a likely Missouri Master Naturalist? The only consistent characteristic is that they’re adult Missourians interested in learning about nature in Missouri and how to keep it healthy—and applying what they learn where they live. Chapters can be found in nine cities.
Master Naturlist

This is a program of the Missouri Conservation Department and University of Missouri Extension. Unlike some of the earlier volunteer programs I’ve mentioned in the past few blog posts, there is a small fee to take the 40-hour course that prepares members for the volunteer efforts ahead. Master Naturalists get involved in a great variety of projects. Sample projects include collecting seed for restoring prairies, presenting pre-school programs, controlling invasive plants and checking on bird populations.

Here’s what a few Master Naturalists have said about the program:

“Great program to connect to the world around you and meet down-to-earth, fun-loving people.”

“After spending 45 years in aviation, I’ve been to hundreds of classes but none could hold a candle to this training.”

“Great way to learn about your native as well as great conservation practices.”


On November 14th, 2010 at 7:59am Clint Crane said:

Hello, I would be interested in volunteer projects for trail making, trail upkeep, and control of invasive species like bush honneysuckle in the area around Columbia and the Conservation areas 30 miles from here. Regards Clint Crane
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