Grant Helps Missouri Community Trees

Published on: Mar. 21, 2008

With all the storms and damage to trees in the past two years, many Missouri towns and cities face unusually big challenges when it comes to keeping their trees alive ice stormand thriving. Help can be found in the Missouri Department of Conservation’s TRIM (Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance) cost-share grant. At the March 2008 Missouri Conservation Commission meeting, Forestry Program Supervisor Justine Gartner explained all that the TRIM grants can provide.

“The great thing about these grants,” Justine said, “is that they can help towns in lots of different ways—whether it’s doing a tree inventory, tree removal, tree pruning, education about trees or tree planting.” She noted that beyond the basic urban treesrequirement that the trees are on public property, the grant requests are evaluated on several factors. These include whether the project is part of a total tree-management program; how well the project promotes, improves and develops a community’s trees; technical merit; value to the community and plan for making people aware of the project.

The Conservation Department can provide up to 60 percent of the cost of a project (from $1,000 to $10,000). With about $500,000 available, there is an opportunity for a good number of grant awards. The deadline for TRIM applications is June 1. So if you’d like to see the trees in public places where you live looking good for years to come, take Justine up on the offer and apply for a TRIM grant today.

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