Duck Creek CA Updates

Follow our blog posts for quarterly updates on Duck Creek CA renovation construction activities.

Look what cropped up

Dec 07, 2012

As you are laying out in the marsh, watching clouds roll by, waiting for the next batch of ducks to come into sight, do you ever wonder what they are looking for?

Dissection of a Mallard gizzard

Your guide to a dead ringer

Nov 21, 2012

If you’ve been duck hunting at Duck Creek this year or in years past, no doubt you’ve probably had a group of black and white ducks buzz over your decoy spread...

Ringneck Scaup Comparison

Waterfowl Opener at Duck Creek, November 3rd

Oct 30, 2012

With the opener fast approaching, Duck Creek staff are busy getting all their ducks in a row so to speak...

Flooded Distribution Channel and Unit 18

Youth Waterfowl Weekend: Duck Creek Opportunities

Oct 26, 2012

Sorry for the late notice, but the flooding situation at Duck Creek has been rather fluid since we turned the wells on.

The Missouri Wetland Bundle

Oct 24, 2012

Do you enjoy the constant satellite TV, cable and phone companies trying to get you to switch services for the better deal?

Wetland Field Day: Thank you

Oct 19, 2012

Last weekend's 75th Anniversary/Wetland Field Day was very successful...

Duck Decoy Carving

Moving in the Right Direction: Units A and B

Oct 16, 2012

Just a brief update on the wells in Units A and B.

Wells are operational

MDC/DU Wetlands Field Day: Come Out and Join Us

Oct 05, 2012

We invite you to come out and enjoy an autumn day in the swamp with us on October 13th between 9am and 1pm.

Brief Update on Units A and B: September, 2012

Sep 26, 2012

It has been a couple weeks since our last post and I wanted to give you an update on where we stand with the work in Units A and B.

Effective Wingshooting Clinic

Sep 26, 2012

With the upcoming waterfowl season, it is always good to knock the dust off and hone your skills prior to opening day.