Duck Creek CA Updates

Follow our blog posts for quarterly updates on Duck Creek CA renovation construction activities.

October 6-9 Rain Event

Oct 12, 2009

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Duck Creek received 1 1/4 inches of rain.

Pies, Ducks and Acorns

Oct 09, 2009

Wells and Water Supply

Sep 28, 2009

Duck Creek has four wells that provide water to Unit A and parts of Unit B.

Waterfowl Hunting Opportunity: Dark Cypress Swamp

Sep 26, 2009

Dark Cypress Swamp Unit will have two to six available positions administered through the daily draw at Duck Creek.

Fall and Winter Scope of Work: Description

Sep 14, 2009

Large renovation projects are like large machines with many moving parts.

Waterfowl Hunting Opportunity: Early Part of Season

Sep 14, 2009

There will be 10 to 12 hunting positions available in units A and B. Unit A will have eight positions available (8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18).

Duck Creek Renovation

Sep 14, 2009

The Golden Anniversary Wetland Renovation initiative was launched several years ago to address Missouri Department of Conservation wetland areas that are closing in on 50 years.