Duck Creek CA Updates

Follow our blog posts for quarterly updates on Duck Creek CA renovation construction activities.

Mingo NWR Public Meeting: Hunting Opportunity

Dec 14, 2011

Mingo National Wildlife Refuge is developing a hunting plan and wants your input.

This Old House

Nov 23, 2011

If you’re like me, over the year you’ve tinkered on a couple home-improvement projects or have done some repair work to keep things in working order. In a way, you can think about the Duck Creek renovation as refurbishing an old house. I think this analogy works well for Duck Creek, and I’m going to see how far I can take it.

Delay in flooding Pool 8

Nov 18, 2011

If you’ve being keeping up with the blog, we’ve mentioned flooding Pool 8 in November a couple of times. The decision to flood has been delayed, and we wanted to pass this along to keep you informed.

Recharging the ole batteries

Nov 10, 2011

I don’t know about you, but this time of year recharges my batteries.

Flash In The Pin

Nov 01, 2011

In the last month we collected data in the timber at Duck Creek, Mingo and a few of our other forested conservation areas in Southeast Missouri. While I was out there, I saw something that caught my eye.

Closeup view of green pin oak leaves

Waterfowl Hunting Update

Oct 28, 2011

Here is our latest update on waterfowl hunting positions available for the opening weekend at Duck Creek Conservation Area.

Duck Creek CA pool

Fall 2011 Renovation Update

Oct 21, 2011

I realize folks will be checking in as we get closer to waterfowl season. I thought I'd try something new in attempt to bring everyone up to speed.

Youth Waterfowl Weekend

Oct 20, 2011

Waterfowl hunting will be available for youth hunters age 15 and younger on Saturday, Oct. 22 and Sunday, Oct. 23 at Duck Creek Conservation Area.

2011 Mast Survey: Another Nutty Year

Sep 28, 2011

It is that time of year again. Let's see how nutty things are at Duck Creek.

Graph showing 2011 mast crop summary for Duck Creek CA

Dirt Today, Teal Tomorrow

Sep 16, 2011

While Duck Creek doesn’t typically provide much teal-hunting opportunity, in the coming years we should be able to increase the amount of teal-friendly habitat during this time of year.

aquatic plants in cul-de-sac wetland