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Youth Waterfowl Hunt At Duck Creek

Oct 21, 2014

Duck Creek will have 18 positions available plus 3 at Dark Cypress for the youth waterfowl hunt this weekend, October 25th and 26th. All of the positions in Units A and B (with the exception of 53) Fishponds and Kinder are flooded and ready to hunt.  Pools 2 and 3 will begin to be flooded in a few weeks and will not offer any hunting positions this weekend.

Bird Numbers

Waterfowl populations are beginning to increase on the area and at last observation indicated about 2,300 birds on the area.  Mallards are increasing daily and there is a good mixed diversity of other dabbling ducks, Ring-necked ducks, Wood ducks and a few Canada Geese using the area regularly.

How It Will Work

The morning draw on both days will begin at 4:45 a.m. at the HQ building.  Be sure to arrive a bit earlier than that to sign the waiting list.  Party size is limited to 4 youth shooters with up to 2 supervising adults.  Youth hunters must be 15 years old or younger and the supervising adult must be at least 18 years old. 

Required Permits

If the youth hunters are hunter education certified, the accompanying adults do not need any permits, however, if the youth hunters have not been hunter education certified, the supervising adult will need to have in his or her possession a signed valid small game permit or be exempt.  Federal waterfowl stamps and state migratory bird permits are not required of the supervising adult to participate in the morning draw. The Conservation Department field offices no longer sell hunting permits so you will need to ensure you are properly permitted before your arrival.  We also cannot accept electronic copies of permits, only signed paper copies will be accepted.

Shooting hours will begin at 6:47 a.m. on Saturday and 6:48 a.m. on Sunday and all hunting positions will cease at 1:00 p.m.


Youth Duck Hunter
Youth Duck Hunter
Spending time to take youth waterfowl hunting can be a rewarding experience and can help pass on the traditions and values of wetlands.


The positions are full enough to hunt.  As we do in every morning draw, if there are some deeper spots, staff will help identify these areas before folks go out in the pools.  By and large most of Units A and B are shallow enough for even those of shorter stature. 

Good Luck to all the youth hunters this weekend!!! Please leave a few for me! Are all the positions in a and b unit at full pool? Which ones appear to be shallow enough to wade safely? Keep in mind some of the youth hunters are shorter!!!

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