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Time Flies By

Jul 08, 2016

Like a wood duck darting through the forest canopy, time can fly by before we know it.  Although Duck Creek never strays too far from my mind, some of you may have noticed a break in the updates and stories poste on this Duck Creek blog.  Over the past six years I have enjoyed keeping you up to date about our construction activities, as well as highlighting various aspects about wetland ecology. I appreciate your interest and dedication to the area and wetland conservation.

The original intent of this blog was to keep folks informed about what we were planning with the renovations, updates on construction, and what to expect next. The work done in Units A and B was a large bock of the renovation efforts. We have appreciated the support, patience, and understanding as we’ve pursed this massive undertaking.  In the last few years the construction has focused more on the periphery of the area and has influenced public access less.  Going forward we will still maintain the blog, but not at the same frequency and regularity that we have in the past. 

As the project turns the next corner I will provide quarterly updates on our construction plans and status so you’ll still have an idea of what’s going on.  However, due to reshuffling projects and priorities I’ll be writing less about the other interesting observations that occur on Duck Creek.

In the next month I’ll post an update on what can be expected for this summer’s construction activities at Duck Creek. Thank you again for your support and interest in Duck Creek. 


Thanks for your interest and I’ll do the best I can to answer your questions. Corn food plots have been planted in Pool 2 and Unit A. The two new footbridges south of Pool 2 are up and useable. Crops or trees haven’t been planted at Greenbrier this year, but with the rain moist soil plants are responding again to the seasonal conditions. Additionally, the rain has helped maintain good lake levels, but I don’t know what the exact elevation is off hand. The footbridge near 53 was the one structure I did not get to inspect last week so I am unsure of its status at this time. I hope that will suffice for now. Thanks again and stay tuned.

Since waterfowling is my passion I was hoping for some info on the upcoming season. Questions include was any corn planted in pool2 or a unit, will the hunting area with the two new foot bridges south of pool2 be ready for some waterfowling opportunities this fall, any crops or trees planted in the new greenbriar unit, what is the current water level of the lake, and was the footbridge completed into 53 near blind 16;s parking lot??? Thanks for any info made available!!!

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