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Reporting on Last Spring's Historic Flood Event

Jun 05, 2012

While the contractors are busy making progress in Unit A, I thought I’d take a little bit of time to give a short report. This spring has been a complete 180 degrees different than last year. In 2011, we had received more than 25 inches of rainfall in April and May and were just now saying goodbye to the last of the flood waters during the first week of June.

During the historic flood event the staff at Duck Creek and the Big Rivers/Wetland Field Station went out into the field and sampled some of the flooded habitats on Duck Creek to see which critters were utilizing the flooded conditions.

Overall, it was pretty impressive. To see what we found, click on the video link to see a summary of our sampling effort during the spring flood event of 2011.


I agree Ryan, I believe great days are ahead for Duck Creek. My mistake on the dabblers do tend to stay at the north end of the lake. I agree, but do also believe no disturbance (traffic and onlookers) around the lake will encourage more birds to use the south end of the lake including dabbler ducks that can foriage on aquatic vegitation at the surface and around the levees and dikes. Just my opinion. I hope we get the weather this year to push the birds down here to get these kinds of results.

Has the electric been hooked up to the wells yet?

Just to be clear, I never said the dabblers "only" hang out on the north end. Just that they prefer shallower water. As to hours hunting the main pool, myself and one other party have logged more over the past 8 to 9 years than probably any one. Just ask Keith! Aside from losing the main pool spots, their are great days ahead at DC.

To Ryan's comment: I agree with your point on 2 great hunting opportunities to hunt on Pool 1 but I will have to disagree with your point on the dabbling ducks only using the North end of the lake. Anyone who has ever hunted the lake will tell you that there are many dabblers that use the South end of the lake also. Deeper water on the South end is not the reason the ducks use the North end, it is the fact there is no disturbance allowed in the refuge. In my opinion, making Pool 1 a refuge will increase duck numbers on the area, weather permitting, and the 2 great opportunities that we would forfeit would turn those less fortunate blinds in Pool 2 and 3 into better opportunity blinds to take more ducks. Less disturbance around the refuge is the key. Just my opinion.

This may not be the right spot for this question but I was wondering about the main pool. Will the south end still be hunted a few times a week? I know their is a debate that this hurts pools 2 and 3, but as long as the south end remains deeper water, the dabblers will naturally hang out in the shallow water at the north end. I don't think the fisheries biologists would ever allow the main pool to be drawn down that low. I hate to see two great opportunities shut down. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to the "new" unit A.

I've updated the video.  Last week the precipiation animation at the opening wasn't working. This issue has been resolved.

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